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You Can’t See Progress Without Logging

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The whiteboard. Pretty much every CrossFit box has one. You come in, you lift your weights, do the workout, and your coach posts your weights and time on the board – proof that you got your fitnessing done today. Cap that off with a sweaty group pic on Instagram and call it a wrap.

But what happens when next week, when your coach tells you to work 5-10 lbs heavier than last week? Or that it’s time to do Helen again, and your goal should be to try and improve over your last attempt? Suddenly, instead of being focused on making the improvement, or going for the reasonably heavier lift, you feel uncertain of how you should be working. You either overshoot or undershoot the goal, simply because you have no idea of what your goal should be. This is not a recipe for success.

Simply put, you can’t measure improvements in your fitness over time without keeping track.

Fortunately for you, we have WODTogether! I know it can seem repetitive, but I promise you it’s worth it to take five minutes and log your score each day, no matter what your fitness goals. Here are a few good reasons why:

1. You’ll have a record
Even if you’ve got a great memory, logging your weights and times is key. And not just for the benchmarks, like Helen or 1 rep max days. This is true for everyday training as well. Keep track of your weights and reps. When you do a workout, don’t just record your time, make a note about HOW you did the workout – what weight you used, and how you broke up your reps or which parts you did unbroken. – as well as how you felt. Maybe you only got 4 hours of sleep the night before. That’s really important information. When you test that workout again in a year, you’ll be able to determine whether or not you’ve gotten fitter, or improved in those movements.

2. You’ll keep yourself honest

Keeping a log forces you to face yourself. By keeping a detailed record of all your workouts, you have evidence of skipped training days and half-hearted attempts. Consistency is key when you are looking for results, but when life is busy it’s very easy to fall out of routine. A training log will hold you accountable. Also, people cheat reps, shorten movements and boast unrealistic maxes all the time. But there is no benefit to lying about your results to a log, so lose the ego and write it as it is – the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s the only way to get better.

3. You’ll surprise yourself

Some days leave you wondering if you’ll ever be good at this thing called CrossFit.  If you’ve kept a log, you can look back and see how far you’ve actually come. We all get so focused on the things we can’t do. It’s pretty damn cool to be able to look back and be proud of the progress you’ve made.

4. You’ll help us help you better

As coaches, we try to keep track of everyone’s progress. But unless we are the last coach out at night, we will never see everyone’s scores for the day if they are only on the whiteboard. The more information we have, the better we can guide your progress. We’ll know if we should be pushing you to put more weight on the bar, or to try and finish the WOD in a certain time frame. We’ll have a framework from which we can counsel you when you need to scale. In other words, you’ll let us in on your journey, so we can do a better job of helping you reach your fullest potential.

5. You’ll allow others to celebrate you
In the same spirit as above, logging your scores in WODTogether is another way of participating in this awesome thing we call community. Let others see your progress! Hard work is worth celebrating. Afterall, the program we use is called WOD “Together!”  So don’t be shy! Comment on and “like” each other’s efforts. I can speak from experience that some days, just having someone give me an “atta boy!” on my workout can turn my whole day around.If you are not sure how to use WODTogether or log your scores, grab a coach the next time you’re at the gym and we’ll be happy to help you out. Happy tracking!!

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