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Survive the Holidays with New Traditions

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Holiday season is in full swing! We all know what a challenge it can be to hold on to your hard earned fitness, especially when faced with a minefield of tempting treats and shifting schedules. Last year we posted our CrossFit Dark Horse  Guide to Surviving the Holidays, and these tips still apply. However, I’d like to make a radical proposition to you…

Instead of just holding on for dear life this holiday season, why don’t you try starting a few new, healthy traditions instead?

1. Unplug
The holidays are a prime opportunity to connect with family and friends. Take advantage of it! Instead of keeping your phone with you at all times, try putting it on the bookshelf as soon as you get home. Ban it from mealtimes. Go outside and enjoy nature or a nice meal without sharing it on social media. I promise you won’t melt, and your family and friends will appreciate getting to experience an undistracted you.

2. Eat well
This can be a tricky one, especially during the holidays when treats abound and busy schedules can lead to lots of take out dinners. You have to make a point to plan and prepare good food for yourself and your family. Keep it simple, so it’s easier to stay on track. Drink enough water. If you’re going to a party at night, and you know tempting cookies, cakes, and other treats will be around every corner, eat a good meal before you arrive so you’re not starving when you get there. And when you do decide to go off the wagon, make sure it’s for your favorite holiday cookie, not for something you can eat any day of the year.

3. Stick to your workout schedule
This is no time to get sloppy with your training. Stay focused. Keep coming to class. If you’re traveling, drop in at a local box. You’ll meet new coaches and athletes who also love CrossFit. If there’s no box nearby, pick a tabata workout or a bodyweight WOD you can do pretty much anywhere – Annie, Cindy and Susan – 5 rounds of 200m run, 10 squats and 10 push ups – come to mind. And if you’re having trouble with motivation, just keep in mind how difficult it is when you come back after too long a break. Why put yourself through that misery again if you don’t have to?

4. Set new goals
Why wait until January? No need for that New Years get fit resolution.  Now is a good time to start reflecting on the year that’s past and making plans for the year to come. Making health and fitness a priority is something that pays dividends both now and in the future. Maybe this is the year you quit eating sugar, or commit to class three times a week. If you make big goals, make sure you break them down into small, achievable steps that set you up for success.

5. Practice gratitude
No matter what’s going on in our lives, we can all find things to be thankful for. Actively acknowledge them. Write them down if you want. Say I love you to those you love. Hug freely. Smile. Listen. Show others compassion. If you pay attention, you will realize that there are more things in your life to be grateful for than you could ever possibly name. And you’ll discover new ones every day.

The holidays don’t have to be a death knell for your health and well being. Embrace and enjoy the season!

P.S. Don’t forget our Holiday Party is December 1st! Hope to see you there!

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