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Sandy & Vinay: Getting Fit Together

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We caught up with Sandy & Vinay to find out what keeps them coming to the gym and why they enjoy working out with us so much.

Vinay is someone who gets bored easily and he loves that the workouts at CrossFit Dark Horse are always varied, and that you always have someone to workout with.  Sandy really enjoys the community and the friends she has made in the morning classes who always encourage her to do her best.

Even though they enjoy CrossFit as an activity they can both do together, Sandy also loves that people notice when one comes without the other.  “If I come without him, people are always asking, ‘Where’s Vinay?’ and if he comes without me, people are always asking, ‘Where’s Sandy?'”

When Sandy first heard of CrossFit she thought of really fit people and that ordinary people like her aren’t able to do any of the exercises.  “The biggest thing about CrossFit Dark Horse is that you can be whatever shape, whatever size and they will work with you and your limitations.”

Sandy has already seen big changes in herself.  When she first started she couldn’t do a burpee and she couldn’t run, but she’s seeing herself improve each week and now she can do both of those things!

When Vinay first started he couldn’t do a single pull-up, but when the gym recently went rock climbing, he was able to keep up with collegiate athletes and experienced climbers. He loves that the skills he acquires at CrossFit  Dark Horse transfer to his other interests and it inspires him to try new things; things he thought he could never do!

They both love that they can do CrossFit together and hold each other accountable.  Doing CrossFit as a shared activity also helps keep them motivated.

This holiday season, give the gift of fitness and start the New Year off right by getting in shape with the one you love!  Click the get started link on this page and schedule your free introduction session with your swole-mate (or BFF) to see how CrossFit Dark Horse can inspire you to do things you never thought possible.

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