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Monday’s With Mike: How to Order From Chipotle

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Hey guys! It’s Monday! I’m between appointments and need to get a quick bite. I mention Chipotle all the time as a great place for fast food, so this week we’re going to Chipotle and are going to show you how to navigate the menu and order delicious healthy food; even though it’s fast food!

I love Chipotle for fast food for a couple reasons…

1.  They have a mission to serve “Food With Integrity”
This means they work with suppliers who are committed to raising food in ways that show respect for people, the environment and the farm animals.


2.  They support local farmers in different ways
In addition to supporting local farmers by buying local produce, Chipotle created the Chipotle Local Grower Support Initiative in which the company commits up to $10 million to help farmers meet Chipotle’s food safety standards—and make more local ingredients available at Chipotle restaurants around the country.


3.  Food Quality
No GMO ingredients!  For lots of great info on why this is important, check out this information from Chipotle’s website.

No Sugar!  In a few words, sugar is really bad for your health; it’s the root cause behind an incredible number of diseases like obesity, Alzheimers, heart disease, and diabetes.

No Soybean Oil!  This is important because soybean oil has a bad imbalance of the omega 6 and 3 fatty acids, it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, and it’s manufactured using harsh chemical solvents.

Real Ingredients!  The ingredients are sourced responsibly and sustainably (and to prove it they put up all sorts of reports online for you to check out). They only use real ingredients: No added flavors, colors, or preservatives of any kind.


4.  Ingredient Transparency
Chipotle really goes above and beyond the minimum required by chain restaurants in terms of telling you what’s in their food. There is a TON of information on their website about their ingredients, where they come from, and why they’re used. Online you can check out:

  • Complete Nutritional Information (key if you count macros!)
  • Allergen Information
  • Full ingredient list for all menu items; so they list out everything used to make everything: the meats, beans, rices, tortillas, salsas, etc.
  • Nutrition Calculator (you can add items from the menu into this cool calculator and it will tell you the total breakdown of your meal)


If you’re trying to lose weight, order a salad bowl, and keep it pretty paleo.  So no cheese, no sour cream, and no chips.  For weight loss, I’d suggest keeping an eye on the carbs, so opt for beans over rice because of the added protein and fiber.  Those things will keep you feeling fuller longer. Rice is quick digesting so it won’t keep you full.  You probably want to skip the guacamole, or go for a half serving because of the added fat.

If you’re trying to put on weight, I suggest doubling your meat, and going with white rice, guacamole, and any other toppings you like.


For $14 you can get a hot delicious meal from a fast food restaurant that sources responsible, sustainable, and quality ingredients. And most importantly, you will know EXACTLY what’s in the food you’re eating and know that it’s real food you can feel good about.

I can’t think of many other fast food places where that’s possible!

See you next week for another episode of Monday’s with Mike!

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