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Monday’s With Mike: Healthy Fast Food Burgers

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Everyone loves a good burger, am I right?  But it can be hard to have a delicious burger from a fast food place that is made of quality ingredients and that doesn’t blow your diet to smithereens.  Allow me to introduce to you my favorite place for burgers (fast food, or not): Burger Lounge!

My wife and I LOVE Burger Lounge.  Aside from the staff that are always friendly and helpful, the food is absolutely delicious and it’s made from high quality, responsibly sourced ingredients.

Keep reading for all the juicy details about our love affair with Burger Lounge and their ingredients, and check out the video to see what happened on my recent visit!

Here’s why you should love Burger Lounge too:

1.  The beef is from grass fed cows!

–>  Sourced from Miller Ranch, a small ranch in Oakdale, Ca

–>  All cattle are free range, 100% grass fed, with no steroids, and no antibiotics.  Click here to find out why grass fed matters!

–> All of the cattle pastures are free of herbicides and pesticides

–> Check out more about Miller Ranch here.


2.  Many Ingredients are Organic
The following items are ALWAYS organic:

–>  Cheeses

–>  Flour in the buns

–>  Spinach, Arugula, & Kale

–>  Ketchup

–>  Teas

–>  Other ingredients are organic when available


3.  Ingredient Transparency
You can find out where Burger Lounge ingredients come from right on their website.  Check it out here!


4.  BL Cares About The Environment

–>  Packaging is recyclable or made of recycled materials

–>  They convert used cooking oil into biofuel

–>  Restaurants are designed with sustainable elements

–>  Ingredients are sustainably produced


Ordering Tips:

Although I always get a beef burger, my wife LOVES the turkey burger and says it’s the best burger she’s ever had. Burger Lounge also offers chicken, fish, salads, and gluten free buns, so really there’s something for everyone!

While these burgers are super delicious, just like anything else, the calories, carbs, and fat can add up REALLY fast if you’re not careful, so here are my ordering tips for this week:

Game Plan for Weight Loss

– Lettuce wrap

– Pick one fat: cheese, bacon, avocado, or sauce

– Yes to onions, pickles, tomatoes, and other veggie toppings

– No fries, onion rings, or shakes … Sorry guys!

– Or go with a salad and get the dressing on the side. Just do a dab of dressing with each bite, and you’ll usually end up eating about ½ than you normally would with it poured on.


Game Plan for Muscle Gain

– Double up on your meat (e.g., The Husky)

– Pick 2 fats: bacon, avocado, cheese

– Go lettuce wrap if you plan on getting fries or rings


So once again we’ve found a delicious meal for around $10 from a fast food restaurant that sources responsible, sustainable, and quality ingredients. And most importantly, I know EXACTLY what’s in the food I’m eating and I can feel good about it.

See you next week for another episode of Monday’s with Mike!

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