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Miki Tips: To Redo or Not To Redo?

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Boy, that is the question. Every Friday night during the Open we throw down that week’s test of our fitness. Heat after heat, athletes give their all to get the best score they possibly can.

It’s inspiring to see our teammates dig deeper, push harder, and accomplish more than we knew we were capable of, and meaningful for us as we support each other in reaching our goals. We finish the workout in a puddle on the floor, take our wobbly legs over to the food table, have a laugh and maybe a drink out later with the gang at Friday Night Lights Out. We fall into bed feeling tired but happy, accomplished and proud of our efforts.

And then, the next morning, the scores start coming in, and many of us ask ourselves, “Was that really my best? Could I have done better? SHOULD I REDO THE WORKOUT?”

The answer is – it depends.

A redo can be helpful or it can be a distraction. Redos are part of the competition. Oftentimes we learn a lot about strategy by doing it the first time, and that knowledge can help you improve your score, sometimes by a tremendous margin. If you believe that you did not execute the workout to your best ability, and learned something by doing it the first time, then a redo might be worth it.

On another level, if you are someone who does not have a lot of competition experience, you might be surprised by how well you can perform when pushed to your limits! What previously seemed impossible turns out to be completely manageable, albeit very uncomfortable! If you finish a workout, and have doubts as to whether or not you gave your all, then redoing the workout to try and beat your previous score can teach you a lot about your true limits.

So, yes, redos are part of the competition, but they often come at a tremendous cost. Sometimes that cost is not worth paying. If you plan on a redo just because ‘everybody else is redoing it’ and you’re worried they might beat your score, I’d ask you to consider the above criteria and not just do it because everybody else is doing it. If you gave your all the first time, and simply plan to do it again with the same approach and strategy and hope for the best, I question where you’re going to find your improvement. You might wind up doing the same – or worse – and leave yourself starting in a recovery hole for the next week’s challenge.

So, back to the question. If your purpose for a redo is because you think you can learn something about the workout – or about yourself and what you’re capable of – then by all means, do it! However, if your only purpose is to blindly throw yourself back into it without a clear idea of what to do differently, then I challenge you to take a step back, learn from your experience the first time through, set your sights on the next challenge and get ready to crush it!

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