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Miki Tips: I Don’t Believe in Magic

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Google “lifestyle” or “fitness hacks” and you will find no shortage of helpful advice. “24 Fitness Hacks That Will Make Exercise Easier!” “The Fitness Hacks You NEED In Your Life!” “19 Fitness Hacks To Get You Through Your Day!” Sounds awesome, right?

These titles attract people looking for quick and easy fixes to meet their health and fitness goals. But none of these articles are exactly what they seem to be. At their core, what’s interesting is that each of them still have a very simple message:

There is no substitute for hard work and daily discipline.

But we’re CrossFitters. We know this, right? We’re no strangers to hard work. We’re not looking for a quick fix, or we’d be lining up at the nearest globo gym, ready to work on our bro muscles.

Except that even the most devoted, Kool Aid-drinking CrossFitter can have blind spots.

Rewind the tape back to the 2015 Open. There were muscle ups and handstand pushups in the workouts. After trying and failing to get any muscle ups, and only getting ONE handstand pushup, I vowed I would not let another Open go by without working diligently on those skills. So over the course of the next year, I…well, to be honest, I kind of worked on those skills. But not really. So no surprise that as we rolled into January 2016, I began to panic, and started looking around for hacks to try and learn these movements before the Open.

Guess what? It didn’t work! Again, there were muscle ups and handstand push-ups. Again, I failed to get any. Again, I made myself a promise to work on these skills over the course of the coming year, but knew that unless I made some kind of change, the results would still be the same.

So I asked for help, and finally accepted that there would be no hack that could magically make these skills appear. Instead, I began the work of building the kind of true foundational strength necessary to prepare myself for those movements. I took advantage of accessory programs like “CrossFit Dark Horse Gets Their Pull Ups.” I worked on my pushing strength. And while this work is not sexy, per se, I began to build a habit of doing it, consistently, day after day, week after week. And wouldn’t you know it, I began to see results.

While I still failed to get my muscle ups and handstand pushups this past Open, I know I am on a path of doing the right things consistently to be able to do them at some point in the future. I’m practicing drills, playing, and being patient, because I’ve learned that the only way to achieve my goals is to get out of my own way and simply do the work.

And honestly, if I have invested in the process and enjoyed myself along the way, then when the 2018 Open comes along, I will feel like I won – whether I get any muscle ups or not.

What skills are you working on? Where do you think you need help? Post in comments below!

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