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Miki Tips: Becoming Better Humans

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“I think it’s the belief in the improvability of ourselves and each other—that you can make yourself better. It’s fuzzy as hell, but I like it for the very reason that you can decide for yourself what better is.” – Coach Greg Glassman

The end of the year is traditionally a time where we take stock of the year that’s past, and make plans for the year to come. This often takes the form of goal-setting, resolution-making, or a general idea that we, somehow, want to be or do “better” than we did the year before.

The truth is that good nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices make everything that’s critical to your wellbeing better. We tend to become better friends, better spouses, better parents, and better at work as a result of participating in CrossFit. And a big part of the reason that it’s so effective is because we’re doing it together.

Community. It’s a recurring theme in my writing for good reason.

Social media is both a blessing and a curse. In theory, it makes us feel more connected to each other, especially to those who live far away. However, research is showing us that it’s a false sense of community, that it actually makes us feel more isolated, promotes envy, and can erode self-esteem if it’s the primary place we seek connection with others.

Real relationships are built in person, over time. This is why CrossFit works so well. We’re not out there alone, with our recycled list of resolutions, trying to use Facebook or Instagram to create accountability. We show up, in person, day after day, to put in work. We talk with our coaches and each other about the challenges we face, and come up with solutions together. We raise each other up. We’re sweaty hugs and fist bumps, chalky high-fives and shouts of “way to go!” We’re real. We’re there when no one else is looking. We’re a tribe, passionate and loyal.

We are a community.

So maybe, this new year, you only need one thing on your list… To just show up.  We, all of us, will help you take it from there.

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