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Member Spotlight: Sara Crossan

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Those of you who frequent the 12:30 class know that Sara Crossan is grace personified. A dancer by trade, she makes CrossFit movements look, well, easy.

“I got my athletic start at age three when I began dancing. When I was eight, I switched my focus to gymnastics, acrobatics and contortion. After I hit a growth spurt gymnastics and contortion became a lot harder for my body so I began studying dance more intensely again. I also VERY briefly dabbled in track in high school because I had never been involved in a school sport. I didn’t start a regular fitness routine until I got to college and I balanced dance rehearsals with working out at the campus gym.”

She found CrossFit while living in Las Vegas. “I started working for Lululemon and one of our ambassadors was a CrossFit coach. His gym was close to my apartment so I would drop in from time to time. The community aspect drew me in after so many years of working out in a standard gym alone. One day my friend volunteered us both to try a full month and after that I was hooked!”

Her first big “win” came when she hit 200 lbs for a one rep max back squat. “I was always really nervous to try and find a true one rep number for pretty much any lift and it was the first time I felt really excited about a PR.” But perhaps her biggest success since joining CrossFit Dark Horse is something even more meaningful.

“I’ve seen so many positive changes in myself since starting CrossFit. What resonates the most is the effect it’s had on my mental health. I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression since I was in college and the combination of the intense physicality of CrossFit and the community aspect that comes with it has made a huge impact on my life.”

Her fitness related goals for this year are to stretch more and find a healthy way of eating that works well for her. She loves squat cleans and is working hard on her strict pull ups.

“My favorite thing about CrossFit Dark Horse is the people. From my first day everyone has been so kind and encouraging. No matter what kind of day I’m having, someone here can always put a smile on my face!

“She is humble and a hard worker,” says Coach JR. “She always has a smile on her face even when she’s not feeling the best. Her potential for growth makes coaching her so fun.”

Coach Vince agrees. “She also has the best Cossack squat anyone has ever seen.”  Sara, we are so glad you’re part of our community!

P.S. She also plays a mean trombone.

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