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Member Spotlight: Sandy and Vinay Bhupathy

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This month we get to know one of our newest fit couples, Sandy and Vinay Bhupathy. Two busy professionals in the healthcare industry, both started at CrossFit Dark Horse about 6 months ago. Vinay wanted to be a better dirt bike rider, and convinced Sandy that she would like it too.

Sandy’s favorite thing about Dark Horse are “the people who are motivating and encouraging! Its gives us that extra burst of energy to complete a WOD.”  Vinay agrees. “Like Sandy, community is my favorite thing. I always feel that I have friends and a welcoming group of people no matter which class I go to and that keeps me coming back.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a struggle sometimes. “My biggest challenge was having the motivation to actually attend class. It was very intimidating to see people who are so fit and joining and being the slowest person,” admits Sandy.   Vinay agrees. One of his challenges was “struggling with my internal issues in thinking that I could ever do CrossFit. The coaches’ ability to break down each move and help me when I was having difficulty really helped with that.”

Both Sandy and Vinay have noticed significant changes since starting at CrossFit Dark Horse. Sandy says she has, “more energy,  focus at work and a stronger body.”  Vinay takes that a step further. “In one word, happiness.  It has been a tremendous boost to my personal self image and my overall happiness to have CrossFit in my life.”

Both Sandy and Vinay have made great progress in their overall fitness over the past 6 months. For Vinay, one accomplishment has been pull ups! He can now do 15 in a row.  According to Sandy, her biggest win “would have to be fitting into a dress, one size smaller. I haven’t loss much weight but I’ve gained muscle and lost inches everywhere!

Both have set big goals for themselves this year. Vinay wants to get his muscle up. Sandy wants to be able to run a mile.

Vinay has also experienced how the benefits of CrossFit translate to other activities. “Outside of Crossfit, thinking about general fitness, I’m so thrilled that CrossFit has given me the ability to rock climb. That is a sport I always thought was out of my reach, but the holistic and multi-disciplinary conditioning we go through during CFDH workouts are surprisingly applicable to climbing and I’m aiming to climb somewhere in Yosemite or Joshua Tree later this year.”

In their free time, Sandy and Vinay enjoy, “…dirt biking, scuba diving and lately rock climbing! Also spending time with their senior rescues- a German Shepard and a Shiba Inu, as well as hunting for yummy plant based cuisine.”

Keep up the good work, Sandy and Vinay! You are an inspiration to us all, and we’re so happy you’re part of our Dark Horse family.

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