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Member Spotlight: Richard Moran

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For Richard “Burpee Machine” Moran, the biggest win was simply walking in the door.

Richard first came to CrossFit Dark Horse about 18 months ago. Having tried conventional gyms off and on over the years without success, he decided to try CrossFit so he could get in better shape. He quickly discovered that he really liked it.

As a cameraman for an Australian commercial broadcaster, Richard travels all over the Americas, which keeps him away from the gym from time to time. But he always comes back.

“I guess for me my first achievement was to actually want to go.  What I mean by that is I really enjoy it.  I don’t often look at the work out before I come as I don’t want to even think about a reason not to go.”

His favorite CrossFit story so far (trigger warning!) “is walking out the door and witnessing someone projectile spew all over the car park. Although it made me feel like maybe I had not gone hard enough!”

His favorite movements are kettle bell swings and farmer carries. He also feels an affinity for rowing. “I’m not fast but feel I can do it for a long time.”

Currently, his biggest challenge is arm and upper body strength. One overall goal he would like to achieve this year is to increase his upper body strength and get better at pull ups. He would also love to improve his stamina on “that horrible contraption called the Assault bike” and to “get my arse closer to the ground every time I do a squat while lifting any weight.”

Richard is already feeling the results of his hard work. “Even if I haven’t lost any ‘real’ weight I do feel a lot better in myself in regards to level of fitness. I also certainly sleep better on any day I have been to the gym.”

The Dark Horse community is another big reason he keeps coming back. “I think, like everybody at Dark Horse, I enjoy the team atmosphere that is  encouraged. Also all the coaches bring to class something a little different. With this I constantly pick up new approaches to a work out.”

In his free time he hangs with “the boss” (his wife) and their two dogs, and spends as much time as possible with his daughter and her two kids.

We’re glad you choose to spend time with us as well, Richard! You’ve been a wonderful addition to the Dark Horse family.


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