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Member Spotlight: Jon Faulkner

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We recently sat down with Jon to chat about his experience at CFDH and to see what keeps him coming back each day despite living 15 miles away (and driving past other CrossFit gyms to get to us!  (If you live in LA, you know that 15 miles could easily end up being a 35 – 40 minute commute.)

While there are several crossfit gyms near Jon’s house, and several others he’s tried out in the past, he chooses to come to Dark Horse because of the community of people that welcomed him, the community of people that encourage him, and the community of people that notice when he’s not there.

As an athlete in college, Jon also enjoys being able to participate in the friendly competition that goes on to claim the top spots on the whiteboard.

Having the gym be a place he looks forward to being at has also helped him stay consistent with his training, and he’s starting to see the fruits of his hard work.  Jon feels better, looks better, has more confidence, and has lost 22lbs in 4 months!

He can’t wait to see what a year of training at Dark Horse will do, and neither can we!

If you want your gym to be a place you’re excited to go to, so much so that you’d even sit in traffic to get to it, then click the link to get started and set your free intro session now.  In 4 months from now, you’ll be glad you did.

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