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Member Spotlight: Fernando Guerrero

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Known as the quietest and hardest working teen at our box, Fernando Guerrero has captured the hearts of pretty much everyone at CrossFit Dark Horse. Ferny is in 11th grade at Fulton College Prep, and has been a member for about a year. In his free time he likes to watch anime and hang out with friends, but when he’s at CrossFit Dark Horse, he is all business.

“Fern is like the little brother you want to have,” says Coach Charlie.  “He is hungry for knowledge and isn’t scared to put in the work. Ferny is one of the hardest working people I know.  He just does the work. Doesn’t argue, doesn’t quit.”

Ferny first came to Dark Horse because his Mom saw people running on the sidewalk and thought her son should try it. He stays because he’s seeing the results of his hard work. “I started because I just didn’t want to be fat anymore.  At first, my biggest challenge was just moving around, because of how big I was. But now, I’ve lost 85lbs and I am so happy to be finally losing weight.”

“Ferny is growing into his own,” says Coach Vince. “To be honest, I’m not sure anyone has inspired me more from a coaching standpoint in all my time doing CrossFit.”

One of Ferny’s favorite things about CrossFit Dark Horse is the community, and “how no one is done until everyone is done.” During this past year’s Open, he experienced how fiercely we can show up for each other. “I think it was 18.3, and even though I felt I was dying, people were still yelling at me to keep on going.”  

Coach Thomas remembers it this way. “When I was judging him during that heat, I realized in a nutshell what CrossFit training does to people on a transformational level – Fernando was going harder pound for pound than almost anyone I’ve ever seen do a WOD. The kid has shown up, suited up, and worked his butt off every time I’ve seen him at the gym.”

Ferny has only begun his CrossFit journey. He’d like to lose a little more weight, and get better at weightlifting movements like the Clean. But he’s noticed significant changes since starting CrossFit, and is unlikely to stop anytime soon.

“Since starting CrossFit, I have more energy, I’m sleeping better, and I can just move better.” 

Keep it up, Ferny. We’ve got your back!

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  1. I hadn’t seen Ferny for a little while and then a couple of weeks ago I spotted him at the box. My jaw dropped. His transformation is unbelievable! I always saw how hard he worked and I knew it would pay off eventually, but what he’s accomplished in a relatively short time is spectacular. Truly an inspiration. Keep up the great work, Ferny!!!

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