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Member Highlight: Brandon Parks

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Get to know Brandon Parks!

If you regularly attend the evening classes then you likely know Brandon, and if you don’t then you almost certainly have seen some of the insane times he often puts up on the daily workouts.  Take a minute to get to know the man outside of the workout.

Aa a southern California native Brandon grew up playing baseball and continued with the sport through college at Dartmouth University where he was a catcher.  Like any So-Cal resident, he loves In & Out Burgers and to this day calls them is go to cheat meal.

Brandon started doing CrossFit on his own with his fiancee, Courtney, in their garage because he was looking for something to continue the athletic competitive drive he had during his years of playing baseball.  But something was missing from the garage gym; the camaraderie he enjoyed while being part of a team just wasn’t there.  That’s what lead him to CrossFit Dark Horse about 6 months ago.

“After playing baseball growing up and in college, I was looking for a competitive environment that would push me to reach my fitness goals. CrossFit Dark Horse is the perfect mix of competition with friendly people who want to see you succeed. It often feels like I’m back on a sports team again. ”

He credits his most memorable CrossFit experience to date as going head to head in Open Wod 17.5 during Friday Night Lights with Keean, a battle Brandon ended up winning.  With thrusters being his favorite movement, he was stoked with this outcome (but also gave us pause- who the heck likes thrusters?!).

Along with increasing his all around fitness level he hopes to make handstand push ups (his least favorite movement) much better and to squat 405; we see both happening in the near future!

When asked how CrossFit Dark Horse has helped to change or improve his life Brandon told us this:

“The environment at Dark Horse really pushes me to come in every day because I look forward to seeing the other Crossfitters. The varied programming and intensity of the workouts has gotten me in the best shape I’ve been in since college and has exceeded my expectations in pushing me to achieve fitness goals.”

From all of us here at CrossFit Dark Horse we are happy to have you as part of the family and we can’t wait to be by your side as you continue to hit your goals!

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