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Having a Goal and Having a Life

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Goals can be wonderful things. They keep us motivated, giving us something to strive for and to be passionate about. Small goals give us benchmarks we can achieve over time with discipline, determination, and grit. Bigger goals require something else.

A few years ago I decided to commit to a truly audacious goal: to make it to the CrossFit Games as a Masters Athlete. When I made that goal, I knew it would be a long time before I was truly ready to compete at that level, but I had fallen in love with the sport and it was the first thing I had felt passionate about in decades. So I swallowed my pride (and embarrassment to admit I wanted to try for something that seemed so out of reach!), made the commitment, and dug in for the long haul.

In many ways, each of us, especially those of us at CrossFit Dark Horse have made a similar commitment. Whether it’s to be more active, lose weight, or simply to live a healthier life, we are all here, day after day, sweating and grunting and toughing it out, finding community in our shared suffering and each making progress toward our individual goals.

They’re all audacious goals, if we’re honest. They require us to step outside our comfort zone every day and do something for ourselves, to make an investment in our own health and well being. It means sometimes putting yourself first. As we try to balance our work, our lives, and for many of us, our families, that can seem daunting.

For many of us it’s a real challenge. There is no doubt that pursuing a big goal impacts the other parts of your life in some way. Because the goals worth pursuing, the ones that really change our lives for the better, require sacrifice.

However I am here making the case that it is worth the effort. By investing in your own well being – whether that’s through CrossFit or something else that brings you joy (and yes, I just implied that CrossFit can bring you joy!) – you not only make things better for you, but for everyone around you, in the end.

So find your support group – from inside and outside the CrossFit community – who are excited to see you pursue your goals and will support you on your journey. Lean on them when it gets tough. Share with them when you find success along the way. Tune out the naysayers, but with love, because in my experience, lasting growth never comes from a negative place. Know that this is a long-term commitment that is worth the effort…and then keep striving, nose to the ground, until you reach your goal.

And then keep going.