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Get to Know Coach Tom!

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Coach Tom is the newest member of the CFDH coaching team, so I want to take this opportunity to give him a proper introduction!  Tom is our early bird guy, so he coaches the dawn patrol classes at 5:15 am and 6:30 am.

Here’s some fun stuff about Coach Tom!

After growing up just outside of Orlando, Florida, Tom headed out west in 1984, because the So Cal beach and music culture were calling his name! While exploring the music scene through his younger years he exclusively trained in martial arts and continued doing so for close to 20 years!

About 9 years ago, while Tom was working as a rehabilitation technician in a physical therapist’s office, he decided to get his ACE personal training certification.  He then worked as the personal trainer at the Beverly Hills Peninsula Hotel, and very quickly developed his own clientele list.  Today Tom still enjoys personal training and has clients ranging from ballet dancers and young weightlifters to an 80 year old tennis player.

In 2013 Tom stumbled upon this sweet workout regime unlike anything he’d seen before called CrossFit! He stuck with the Main Site wods for the first few weeks and then made the jump to joining a CrossFit box.  It was during his time as a member of that box when he made the decision he wanted more from CrossFit than just to workout, he wanted to give back, so he went to the CF-L1 course and has been coaching ever since.

Seeing the process unfold for someone who takes on the challenge of training, and helping every athlete realize the value and validity of their hard work” – thats what Tom coaches for!

Some of Tom’s favorite experiences in CrossFit have been getting some of the more technical movements and lifts under his belt such as handstand push-ups and muscle-ups.  He also ranks attending the CF-L1 seminar as one of his favorite CrossFit experiences.  He has logged every single wod he’s done since starting CrossFit in 2013. Now that’s impressive!

Outside the walls of CFDH you’ll find Tom riding waves any and all ways possible as he loves the beach and can’t get enough of surfing! He is an avid waterman loving just about any ocean sport; surfing, body boarding ,and body surfing as well as strolling the beach with his wife.

Be sure to welcome Coach Tom to the CFDH family when you see him around the gym!